Liquid Polymer for Cement


The Axion TuffCrete for your early high strength, light weight water proof concrete is a powerful molecular activator which replaces water normally used to batch ready-made concrete. This innovative modern organic polymer ensures greater tensile strength and its less brittle than normal cement concrete which is susceptible to deformation.

The Axion Tuffcrete mixture has a very high resistence to chemicals s well as aggressive liquids and gasses. It is also water resistant and impervious to weather conditions thereby ensuring a longer lasting concrete

Product Features/ Advantages:

WATERPROOF & FIREPROOF - The only concrete type product in the world that is 100% waterproof and withstands over 3500°C. Tuffcrete offers unprecedented protection for both civilian and military use.

FLEXIBILITY- The only concrete type product in the world that has MORE FLEXIBILITY than steel reinforced concrete.

NO EXPANSION JOINTS - The only concrete type product whose expansion and contraction are almost zero%. Therefore, rigid pavements and roads can be built without expansion joints.

MORE LOAD BEARING CAPACITY - has a load bearing capacity of up to 4000 tons per sq. meter.

LONGER LIFE EXPECTANCY - Wearing as a result of friction is 1/3rd of the normal use and less than ½ of the heavy duty use of conventional concrete, resulting in a LONGER LIFE EXPECTANCY. Tuffcrete gets progressively stronger with each passing year. Unlike conventional concrete that gets weaker and cracks with time.

TOTAL DECORATIVE CONTROL - can be molded into any shape and color.

MORE DURABLE & WEATHER RESISTANT – Tuffcrete gets stronger with each passing year because it's exclusive organic polymer starts evaporating at 180°C i.e. it does not evaporate. It stays active in every ion of the Tuffcrete mix making it more durable and weather resistant for years to come.

SAVE ON STEEL REINFORCEMENT COST - Tuffcrete weighs 40% to 60% less than conventional concrete and has more load bearing capacity. It attaches to steel rebars better than conventional concrete. It requires more than 14 tons to separate it from the steel rebars. Plus it is waterproof and protects the steel rebars from corrosion, oxidization and erosion.

ASPHALT LAYERS CAN BE ADDED TO IT - Add asphalt layers in the normal traditional way.

NOT AFFECTED BY OIL AND FUEL SPILLAGE - All this allows for building roads, airplane loading areas, parking areas, gas stations, refueling areas, etc. without fearing damage caused by oil, and fuel spillage.

REPAIR OLD DAMAGED CONCRETE - Repair old damaged concrete, swimming pools, water storage tanks, buildings and sewage systems, superior compressive strength with no aggregates or reinforcement required. Will bond directly to existing unsealed concrete and indigenous earth materials. Up to ten times stronger adherence to steel rebars than conventional concrete. Can be applied as shotcrete, or by roller or trowel. Can be colored with Tuffcrete exclusive colors.