That means, he needs to enter the Name and Address of the gun trust in Box 4a. Or, if you are applying in your own name, select Individual. You will then be able to pay for the tax stamp before you sign and submit. 9a. If John is building his SBR from scratch (parts & pieces), his gun trust is the manufacturer. Note: A copy of the list must be attached to all 3 copies of the Form 1 Application. They will shoot your dog. To the right of Box 13 is a box that asks for your Date of Birth. This is your date of birth. If you are filling out your ATF Form 4 in conjunction with this form, you can visit our ATF Form 4 walk-through guide here. How to guide and walk-through guide for the ATF Form 5320.23 ATF 5320.23 ResponsiblePersonQuestionnaire. On the RP questionnaire, in spot 4b-4e, do I list Century's info and what's found on the gun? . 923(d)(1)(B). And while the internet is definitely an extremely helpful resource for many things, instructions for completing the Form 1 simply isnt one of them. You will need designate a specific caliber. And, if you are applying as a Gun Trust, Corp., or Other Legal Entity, you will want to look at our article titled: How to fill out the Form 23. Remember: You are only building from scratch if there arent any Serial Numbers on the frame or lower receiver you are using. You will need to upload a photo of yourself less than 3mb during the eFile process. I got the photo from Walgreens, just went to the photo desk and asked for passport photos. In many cases, its safer to assign more responsible persons than you feel are necessary for your business, just in case theres a problem. Information located within this article is current as of June, 2018. This is statethat you were born in. Never enter "Multi" or "Multi-cal" If you enter anything other than one specific caliber, your application is 100% Guaranteed to be Rejected. (See Example # 3 below).[23]. Though that didnt seem like an altogether unappealing proposition, John knew his wifes wrath would go well beyond separate sleeping quarters if he bought the SBR. Heres a video overview of the entire process with all the steps and links youll need below: Youll need to order at least two sets of fingerprint cards and fill them out. Country of Birth. (Maybe they could get out of trouble on the technicality that the signature box was in the middle of the form Just a thought). That means John should enter the address for the ranch in El Paso (he will also need to enter the El Paso address in Box 3b.). Remember: The ATF says that if there is a Serial Number on the frame or lower receiver, it is considered a firearm. You can also take your own picture with your phone or camera and use that if its less than 3mb file size. But we would be remiss to not point out that applying as a Corporation or Other Legal Entity is a terrible idea. If you used the fillable form from above your information that you filled out will propagate through the form. Next, you will need to add any Responsible Person you wish to be on your application. 3d. Trust us He has! You may use this Article and the contents contained in the Article solely for your own individual non-commercial and informational purposes, including brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted under U.S. copyright law. Enter the Trust Name and address from the Form 1, 4, or 5. But for the most part, the Form 23 is the same as the questions you skipped on the Form 1 (Boxes 11-17). As the business owner, you will likely be one of the responsible persons. You can designate as many as you like on the application. If you are submitting your Form 1 Application as a Trust, Corporation, or Other Legal Entity, DO NOT enter anything in Boxes 11-17. Absolutely nothing! 4h. Fill out the following: If you need the last 4 of your zip use this, USPS Zip Code Lookup, just type in your address and it tells you your zip code. 6a - 6m.2. When you sign your documents, make sure that all signatures are original. 3e. Plus, having a trust lets you share ownership of the NFA items. At the bottom of page 2 You should sign the document as a trustee . Nope he entered it correctly, as a 300 B/O rifle shoots a 7.62 MM projectile. Our heads are going to explode!! That simply means you need to physically sign your name everywhere a signature is required (you cant photocopy your signature). This is the 5320.1 (very similar to the 5320.23) it looks almost exactly like the 5320.23 Responsible Person form, except it will be all filled out by the ATF with the info you submitted during the eFile. We will give it to you: The answer is Individual Applicants. ", And thats when the figure lurking in the corner (Judy) spoke: "If you buy one more gun this month, youll find yourself sleeping on the couch!". But we thought it sounded cool, which is pretty much the entire reason we wrote that last paragraph). Instructions 3C state: "Social Security Number (SSN) and Unique Personal Identification Number (UPIN). You can find our walk-through guides for these forms below. Mike Smith, Trustee. Box 4 causes more confusion that any other part of the Form 1 Application. } Your telephone number goes here. 4b.Type of Firearm This will always be the type of firearm you are going to build, but what do you enter? The term includes a commitment to a mental institution involuntarily. Barrel Length This is always the Barrel Length of the firearm you are going to build. If youre a sole proprietor, you will be your own responsible person. If youre a partnership, youll probably have two persons. There are a couple of different ways you can make sure your application is approved: If you have a Gun Trust from the Trust Shop, you have nothing to worry about. How to fill out a Form 1 (when building Silencers & SBRs), How to fill out a Form 4 (when buying Silencers & SBRs), How to fill out the Form 23 (Responsible Person Questionnaire), How to fill out a Form 20 (when traveling with NFA Firearms), How to fill out the ATF Form 1 Application, How to fill out the ATF Form 4 Application, How to complete Silencer & SBR Fingerprint Cards, How to fill out the Responsible Persons paperwork (Form 23), Form 23 (Responsible Persons Questionnaire), Form 20 (when traveling with NFA Firearms), Assignment (Add firearms to your Gun Trust), Memorandum of Contribution (Document use of personal funds), How to fill out Silencer and SBR Fingerprint Cards, (U.S DOJ ATF FFL Newsletter October 2019 edition), (ATF eFormsNews Volume 2, Issue 1. Quick question: Does anyone know what "Diners Club" is? End of the ATF Form 23 Application - Page 1, Start of the ATF Form 23 Application - Page 2. 15b. Use all black ink as stated at the top of the fingerprint cards and make sure the following boxes are filled out. I just used the same passport photo that was on my responsible party form that I scanned onto the computer. ATF Form 7/7CR Part B, Responsible Person Questionnaire, must be completed and submitted for ALL responsible persons (see definition #3). Needless to say, the missed opportunity to expand his meager firearms collection (as well as the hangover induced migraine) sent John into a downward spiral of "I dont own an SBR" depression. and the address where the firearm will be stored. Mail your fingerprints along with this cover letter to the address provided on your cover letter. In most cases, you will not attach anything here. A passport-quality photograph of yourself will need to be provided with the form, as well. 3h. Rules of Behavior for ATFs eForms System - Must be Accepted Every 12 Months. Please be aware that refusal to provide this informationmay result in a delay in the NICS background check process.". Applications that can be approved without investigations or material changes are processed much faster, especially when they need to investigate the background of an additional person. The ATF prefers that you list multiple people on the license. Modifying an Existing Firearm is when you are going to use one of your firearms to make a new firearm. Were sure youve noticed that every time we refer to one of the copies of the Form 1 Application, the copy name is colored red. Source: Gutowski, Stephen. Satellite office with limited services and hours. 100% Guaranteed Form 1 Application Approval! Options are: "United States of America" or "Other Country/Countries." Box 4c - Caliber or Gauge Enter either the Caliber or Gauge in this field. Or I just need to fill this out once with everyone on the trusts names? You can find our walk-through guides for these forms below. Add another line item for every suppressor you are adding to your trust and applying for a tax stamp for in this eFile form. Enter the name of the business (dont forget the inc., LLC, LLP, etc.) Here are examples for each applicant type: If you are submitting your Form 1 Application as a Gun Trust, you will sign your name followed by the title you use in your trust. Check yes or no for each question, make sure to put your state and country of birth and sign and date the bottom. 3. Additionally, you get access to all of our other ATF Forms, as well as all gun trust forms. [24] [25], 4k. If you are filling out your ATF Form 4 in conjunction with this form, you can visit our ATF Form 4 walk-through guide here. However, its not smart to wait for the ATF to decide who should be listed as responsible persons. Its best to have an application package as complete as possible before sending it off to the ATF. You will start by navigating to the ATF's eForms site. If any are added, each person will have to fill out a questionnaire (. Basically, anyone who will have management power of your business in regards to firearms should be listed as a responsible person. This person will have authority to speak with the ATF, apply for renewal, and even change the license. Its the computer age, so the natural thing to do when faced with something this confusing, is to look for help on the internet. There are some directions on the Form 1 Application, but most of them dont make any sense.Many of the boxes have individual directions, but they are often contradictory to the directions at the end of the form. Box 5015 Portland, Oregon 97208-5015 Any applications for a Form 1, Form 4, or Form 5 must now include Fingerprint cards and pictures. Incomplete applications can create significant delays. Use .223 cal or 5.56 MM. What should he do? Whoever has authority over firearms in the business also has responsibility, as far as the ATF is concerned. 7. Your name and home address goes here. They dont give the greatest instructions though. What is a responsible person ATF? ", Regardless of the unconstitutionality (and complete absurdity) of the question, you are required to provide an acceptable answer. Select Add Firearm and a new window will pop-up. But, there is a Definition for Firearm, so that must be it: OMG! )[18] get entered exactly as they are engraved on his Colt M4 Carbine. So, he decides to build a silencer from a Fuel Filter kit. Please do not include any confidential or sensitive information in a contact form, text message, or voicemail. Instead, you should enter: Short Barrel Shotgun, Short Barrel Rifle, Any Other Weapon, Destructive Device, or Silencer. If you don't have a UPIN, select "No" for this question. If you were born outside of the United States of America, you can leave this box blank. I keep my User ID and Password info saved in a text document on the computer with all my eFile stuff. End of the ATF Form 23 Application - Page 1, Start of the ATF Form 23 Application - Page 2, ATF Form 23 - Page 2 - Gun Trust Applicant. You will need to find out who the CLEO (chief law enforcement officer) for your county and enter their departments name, name and title of the official and the agency or department's address. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Thisis yourUnique Personal Identification Number (UPIN). What Is A Charging Handle On an AR-15? Form 7/ 7 CR - Application for Federal Firearms License (ATF Form 5310.12/5310.16) | Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. This form is to be used in conjunction with the ATF 5320.1Application to Make and Register a FirearmForm,ATF 5320.4Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm Form, or the ATF 5320.5Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm Formand is only to be used when registering a NFA firearm with a NFA Gun Trust or as a legal entity/corporation. End of the ATF Form 23 Application - "CLEO COPY" contain the same questions as above. I worked as a 45B Small Arms Repairer in the Army and since then I've been enjoying the hobby. u/NationalGunTrusts I have a question on Question 11, should I check yes and list my social security number on the form or am I misunderstanding that? The only things that are different about this copy of the application are Box 13 (SSN) & Box 20 (payment info), which are both obscured. Box 17 Unique Personal Identification Number (UPIN). Right below that, put your actual name and address along with your email and phone. CLEO documents mailed out to your chief law enforcement officer address. Do not list just anyone as a responsible person. This person must be willing to treat your license as if it were their own. ),[11] and Serial Number (4g. Do Not staple your picture to the application. From there, its a breeze. In some respects, federal firearms licenses are fluid documents that can be changed depending on the growth of your business. Filled out ATF Form 1 Gun Trust Example. Each of these numbers is a link to the place where we found the information. (DO NOT STAPLE) A single copy of your notarized trust instrument ( including all schedules and amendments) Payment for the amount of the tax ($200) payable to BATFE (unless you entered credit card info on the Form 4) 3a. If you are an alien, record your U.S.-Issued Alien or Admission Number you will enter that here. Thisis yourUnique Personal Identification Number (UPIN). [1] 40% = a huge number of rejected & delayed applications! The SSN and UPIN are not required. Heres an explanation of responsible persons. These questions are answered in the ATF Form 54320.23 for each responsible person in the gun trust. However, he doesnt like the idea of sacrificing his M4 to do it. 15. Boxes 4b through 4e will be the information from the original manufacturer. A formal commitment of a person to a mental institution by a court, board, commission, or other lawful authority. However, the directions on the Form 1 state that the address of a trust (Corp, other entity, etc.) [5] If you are going to keep your firearm at more than one place, enter the address of the place where you will keep the firearm most of the time. 3. You will get a filled out CLEO form emailed to you later after the eFile. You can take your own fingerprints or have them done at by the cops. In fact, it is so bad that approximately 40% of all Form 1 Applications are rejected or delayed. Responsible Party Name Example Next, fill out the address of maker and item info. The best way to protect yourself and your business is to be as educated as possible. For example, if you file via paper form, it may take a few months to get approval to start building your item or firearm. For example, if you have an individual stamp for a suppressor, only you can use that suppressor. Neckbone Armory is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please provide the information for the responsible person. Just remember if you see an 800 # from West Virginia, dont auto decline the call, as it is likely the feds looking for additional info. You can download the original Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ATF Form 5320.23 and our example filled out form below. Just enter the State where you were born and USA. According to the ATF, the CLEO can be the Chief of Police, the Sheriff, the Head of the State Police, or a State or local district attorney or prosecutor.[27]. Even when the directions arent at odds with one another, they usually only make you more confused than you were before you read them. Except there isnt a definition for Types of NFA Firearms. Businesses that have multiple stores or a significant online presence often employ a compliance office who might be listed as a responsible person.. Every Responsible Person needs to submit 2 FBI Form FD-258 Fingerprint Cards. That means the SN needs to be at least 4 digits long, and must include at least one number. The Form 1 Application is so confusing, its our guess that the Application to Make and Register a Firearm was created by some nerdy guy in a closet, that hasnt ever seen an SBR, let alone shot one. Certification Apparently one signature just wasnt enough. Click Browse and select your completed and ready to go trust file, select Trust under document type, and select add document. If you are submitting your Form 1 Application as Limited Liability Company (or other legal entity), you will do the same thing that a Corporation Applicant does. 3e. Firearm Model. Mike Smith, Trustee. Cover letter with two sets of completed fingerprints mailed out to the provided address. Thats because most of the info on the web is incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete. If you want to know more about Destructive Devices you can check out the list of sources at the end of this article. That means you should enter a number followed by a unit of measurement, rather than specific cartridge names. x.className = "topnav2"; ", John completes Box 4 of his Form 1 Application just like he did in Example #1, with one exception: He enters the Caliber, Barrel length, & Overall Length of the additional upper receiver in Box 4h. Or do I list my trust info in 4b (since I am the one "manufacturing' the SBR)? The ATF occasionally sends email correspondence, so make sure to enter an address for an email account that you check on a regular basis. And, as part of their never ending quest to make the Form 1 Application as confusing as possible, they failed to update some of the directions. Businesses change all the time. Have an account registered with the ATF eForms and have a User ID, password, and secret question saved or memorized. 3d. and the date. Country of Citizenship. We accept Bitcoin. All applications must have a responsible person. Applicants are denied if that line is left blank. Item 3e - Photograph: The responsible person shall attach, in item 3e on the ATF copy of the form only, a 2-inch by 2-inch frontal view photograph taken within one year prior to the date of the filing of the form. In order to legally obtain a class 3/title 2 weapon, you will need to fill out the ATF Form 5320.23 form and other paperwork. FYI: The Trust Shop thinks your DOB is a special day and every bit worthy of having its own box #. 1st, send a letter to the ATF informing them that the letter "g" was, in fact, available. There isnt a Definition 2k, but we are fairly certain they meant Instruction 2k, so lets look at it: Alright Lets scroll back up and find the Definition for Types of NFA Firearms. After completing the form with your information correctly, a User ID will get auto-generated for you. And lastly, you will need to enter the method in which you are paying. If your firearm has any other descriptive information, you can enter it here. He is an avid outdoorsman and frequently spends his weekends hunting at his ranch in El Paso, Texas. If you want to give your new firearm an additional Model name, you will enter the existing Model Name in Box 4d., then enter the new Model Name in Box 4h. Have the notarized trust paperwork along with the add item page in your trust scanned into your computer as a pdf. Number of Responsible Persons (see definitions) associated with the applicant trust or legal entity 16. This error occurs when you apply thesame date that your .EFTFile wascreated. But is there any reason they couldnt get the words "Government" and "Entity" on the same line? National Firearms Act (NFA) Responsible Person Questionnaire -Fillable .PDF ATF Form 5320.23. Enter the Trust Name and address from the Form 1, 4, or 5. The ATF FINAL RULE 2021R-08F was published to the federal register today, 1/31/2023. Filling out the ATF Form 5320.23 with the Fillable .PDF version is the easiest way to create an accurate ATF Form 5320.23. [28] Instead, you (and all of the other Responsible Persons in your trust, corp, etc.) But what do you enter in Box 15b, if you were born in a country that isnt broken into regions called "States?" Okay, you get the point, the directions dont make any sense at all. Firearm Serial Number. Yep, there are some areas in the U.S. that are not located within a County, Parish, or Borough. Its a good idea to set your email preferences so that messages including ".gov" never get sent to your spam folder. Unique Personal Identification Number(See instructions 3C). This is the country that you were born in and might be differentthanquestion 9a. View Original ATF Form 5320.23 - Responsible Person Questionnaire Walk-Through Guide Here, ATF Form 23 - Page 1 - Trust, Corporation or Other Legal Entity Applicant, ATF Form 23 - Page 2 - Trust, Corporation or Other Legal Entity Applicant. Download ATF Form 5320.23. Quit reading right now and use our ATF Form System to create all of your application paperwork. In order to legally obtain a class 3/title 2 weapon, you will need to fill out the ATF Form 5320.23 form and other paperwork. Neckbone Armory also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. The only time you would ever check Yes is if you are. Race. Country of Birth. Law Enforcement Notification. 15% OFF Gun Trusts with DISCOUNT CODE "GUNTRUST" - Our Gun Trusts Are On Sale! This needs to be delivered within 10 days of filing your form 1 online. Anyone with management power of your business in regards to firearms is a responsible person., Note that you dont have to list persons who arent associated with firearms. The following CLEO notification must also be completed. After successfully submitting your form 1, you will get an email containing your CLEO docs. This is the model of the NFAfirearm you are registering. Now its time to put these rules into use with some examples.So, without further ado, the Trust Shop presents: John Smith lives in Phoenix, AZ. Any other aliases that you use. The ATF Procedure for measuring the Barrel Length is to measure from the closed bolt (or breech-face) to the end of the barrel or permanently attached muzzle device. Having a clear and concise ATF Form 5320.23 helps the ATF enter the information when the ATF Form 5320.23 application is received. Oh well Moving on. On the CLEO page you just need to enter all the same CLEO info that you already have on your saved Responsible Person form on your computer. [7] [8]. If you arent building a destructive device, you dont enter anything in Box 4j. ATF Form 1: ATF Responsible Person Questionnaire :. I'm curious to see if your application had any problems. What does that even mean? 2x2 photograph is affixed here with tape. While reading through an article from one of the Trust Shop lawyers, John discovers that he will need to submit an ATF Form 20 before he can transport his SBR to his ranch (because it is in a different state). We arent doing that just to make it look pretty, we do it because each copy of the Application serves a specific purpose, and each copy is slightly different. You will have to be present anytime and everywhere that suppressor is used. However, according to the ATF, your application may be delayed if you dont provide your SSN.[30]. [14]. Information located within this article isan original guide created by National Gun Trusts and not to be cited or used without the written permission of National Gun Trusts. Remember: If you are building a firearm from scratch you are not required to use a Model name. While youre reading through this guide, you are going to see a bunch of tiny numbers in red brackets that look like this: [##]. cardiovascular drift a level pe, antique cedar chest manufacturers, planet hollywood cancun drink menu,
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