Soil Stabilization Chemical


The Axion Soil Base Stabilizer was approved in 2014 by the National Council on Works for use in road construction in Nigeria. It is a powerful binder that is used in soil stabilization and earth work installations. The Axion Soil Base Stabilizer works by strengthening and improving the natural soil enabling it to achieve higher load bearing capacities thereby increasing the life span of the road. It also saves cost and construction time by up to 60% as it stabilizes sand dunes at the rate of 50sqm for every 3 minutes

Product Features/ Advantages:

  • Strengthens and improves the natural soil enabling it to achieving higher load baring capacities.

  • Eliminate expensive top soil replacement,the cost of moving it and dumping it. Eliminate the use of expensive aggregate plus the cost of compacting it. Simply stablize the natural soil to CBR levels and load bearing capacities that exceed 1000 tons per square meter.

A new industry standard of excellence.